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SANTORINI - Island of Santorini

Exquisite weddings Greece
Exquisite weddings Greece

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean sea, approximately 200 km
from the mainland of Greece. It is actually the largest of a cluster of
smaller islands, known collectively as Santorini, The smaller ones all
accessible by boat.
These were once joined, but became the islands we know today,
following an enormous volcanic explosion some 3,600 years ago.

Santorini itself measures about 28 sq miles, and derives its name from
Saint Irene, given by the Latin empire. Previously it was known as Kalliste
- 'The beautiful one.' This Island is fortunate enough to be accessed by a
major airport, which is located only 6 km from Thera, the main town. This
has the added bonus of short transfers to your holiday accommodation.

Following the volcanic eruption, the islands that remained formed a
circular shape, and has in recent years been the site of  much
archaeological interest. Some archaeologists believe it is the lost Island
of Atlantis. Whatever Santorinis ancient history reveals in the future,
the one truth that cannot be denied is its incredible beauty of today.
The buildings reflect the traditional architecture of all the Cyclades,
low lying cubical shapes made from local stone, whitewashed, with
various volcanic ashes used for the colours.
The produce of Santorini is unique, and prized. The tomatoes are
renowned for their sweet, flavoursome taste. The 'fava' which is made
from their type of split pea is considered the best in the world, and
their other produce which flourishes on this island, is abounding with
taste, due to its particular climate.

Fira is the capitol of the island, and is perched on the edge of an
impressive cliff offering a staggering panorama view of the submerged
volcano, and its surrounds. Wandering through the small cobbled
streets you will find the white houses, domed churches, and many
types of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

For those interested in history, the Island boasts the ancient site of
Thera, through which Phoenicians, Dorians, Romans, and Byzantines
all passed. The buildings, including Agoras, public baths, tombs and
theatres reflect the different eras through history. At Akrotiri, you will
find the ruins of a Minoan city.

The Island has many beautiful villages, for example, Oia, which is
the favourite haunt of artists, many of whose works can be found in
the local galleries. This, as in all of Santorini is a magical place, with
it's own white buildings and contrasting coloured doors and window
shutters, offering spectacular views of the Caldera, the volcano, and
the rest of Santorini.

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