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SANTORINI - Legal Requirements

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Please find detailed below your legal requirements that are laid down by the Greek Authorities to enable you to marry in Greece

Once we have your documents we then undertake the administration, legal and translation process here in Greece. If at any time you need further help or advice please contact our UK administrator who will be happy to help.

The following is a list of the documents that must be original or certified copies and legalised by the Apostille Stamp (Both Parties)

  • Full Birth Certificates
    (Full Birth Certificates - must include your parents details)
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment to marry - This document confirms that you are free to marry, this is available from your local registrar
  • If you are divorced - Decree Absolute
  • If you have been adopted - Adoption Certificate
  • If you are widowed - Spouse's death certificate and previous
    marriage certificate
  • If you have changed your name other than by marriage - Deed Poll
    certificate or Statutory Declaration. Please note this includes divorcees
    who have reverted back to their maiden name
  • If you are under 18 - Statutory declaration of consent of parent
    or guardian, signed and stamped by a solicitor

Apostille Stamp for UK Residents - All documents above must be legalised by the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes, UK. Apostille Stamp - cost per document £30.00

Passport - We also require photocopies of inside and identity
information page from both parties. (Apostille stamp not required)

Website information on the Apostille Stamp - The Apostille stamp legalises your copies and confirms that they are true copies which is necessary for the legalisation procedure to take place here in Greece (Legalisation Department)

Non UK Residents - All non UK residents must follow the same procedure and obtain the necessary documents from their place of birth not their place of residency

Some countries also require a special license to enable you to marry in Greece. Please contact us to clarify your legal requirements

Please Note
* Only original or certified copies are accepted for the Apostille Stamp
   (photo copies of any documents are not accepted)
* The Greek registrar’s office will retain all your documents
* All your legal paperwork will be fully explained by a step by step procedure
   within your wedding confirmation package

How many days you should be on the Island prior to your Wedding Day?

Providing your legal documents have been checked and everything is in order, there is no law that states you must be on the Island for a certain numbers of days; however we do recommend you arrive minimum of three full days prior to your wedding day