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RHODES - Island of Rhodes

Exquisite weddings Greece
Exquisite weddings Greece

Situated on the eastern coast of Rhodes, less than an hour's drive
from the airport, Lindos is one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes.
This magical village is widely acknowledged as the jewel in the crown.
Nestled between two bays the village is full of charm and character
where the ancient Acropolis seems as if it is keeping a watchful eye
over the stunning white-washed homes and inhabitants below!

There are mazes of pretty narrow cobbled streets which, in true Greek
tradition, you will walk through on your wedding day - perhaps
accompanied by a musician - to one of the tiny white washed churches
overlooking either St. Paul's or Lindos bay. Both have views towards
the Mediterranean Sea that will quite simply take your breath away.

From its dramatic location and vibrant atmosphere, to the ancient
Lindian architecture and typical Greek hospitality - Lindos has an
appeal that is quite literally indefinable and some people have
said even spiritual. A combination of a thousand little things,
make this village inimitable.

For those who have not previously visited Rhodes or those members
of your wedding party who are not sun worshippers there is an
abundance of places to see and attractions to visit.

Rhodes, the Island of the Sun, is said to be the most lustrous island
pearl of the Mediterranean. Every culture and every phase of history
has left its mark in terms of architecture, from ancient Greek and
Byzantine through to the Knights of St John, the Ottoman Empire
and Italian era.

With 220 km of shoreline, there are endless beautiful sandy beaches
and although the Island is just 77 km long and only 37 km at its
widest point, you can still find those hidden villages and numerous
places of interest to stop and enjoy whilst driving around the island.
Embona, famous for its production of wonderful local wine; Siana
where locals sell their honey; Valley of the Butterflies and Seven
Springs - lush green valleys with wonderful walks; the therapeutic
springs at Kallithea where you can dive and learn if you have not
tried it before, the geographical wonder of Prassonisi where the
Mediterranean meets the Aegean and where windsurfers will be
in their element. The list is endless.

Rhodes Town is a must for any visitor with its fascinating walled
medieval city and narrow cobbled alleys where there are a vast
number of shops selling everything from woven fabrics,
handmade gold and silver to furs and leather.

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