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Kalithea Spa



A personal Exquisite favourite, the Kalithia spa offers class and style in every way. Set above charismatic rocks and coves sits the historical Italian Spa. Once famous for its healing water properties, the spa has been completely renovated to the highest degree over the years, in which now it boasts elegance in a fresh yet contemporary manor. The area in which the ceremony is held hold a unique beauty, aura of calmness but above all, pure and confident panache. A perfect setting for those with exquisite yet humble taste.

Additional information; 

Ceremony Days are Monday to Friday 

Ceremony Times are between 15.00 – 19.00 

Additional Fees Applies for this venue 

*Photos shown are for all surrounding areas of the Kalithea Spa including the ceremony area. Exquisite Weddings hold no responsibility for any problems that may occur out with the ceremony area.


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